Ontario Traffic Manuals
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Ontario Traffic Manuals - Free Downloads

Traffic Sign Canada fabricates a variety of Traffic & Road Signs, as per the design and guidelines provided by the Ontario Traffic Manuals. The purpose of the Ontario Traffic Manual (OTM)is to provide information and guidance for transportation practitioners and to promoteuniformity of treatment in the design, application and operation of traffic control devices and systems across Ontario. The objective is safe driving behaviour, achieved by a predictable roadway environment through the consistent, appropriate application of traffic control devices. Further purposes of the OTM are to provide a set of guidelines consistent with the intent of the Highway Traffic Act and to provide a basis for road authorities to generate or update their own guidelines and standards.The OTM is made up of a number of Books, which are being generated over a period of time, and for which a process of continuous updating is planned. To educate and inform our customers, we have provided these documents in freely downloadable pdf format. We also acknowledge, that these documents were originally published by the Ministry of Transportation, Govenment of Ontario.

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