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Authorized, Visitor, Customer & Tenant Parking - Aluminum Signs

Traffic Sign Canada makes Standard No Parking Aluminum Signs with Toronto Municipal Codes and other By Law compliant Signs. We also make Customised No Parking Signs to fulfill your unique needs! You can add your Company name, Full color Logo, stylised fonts, background color, Reflective surfaces and more to make your Parking Signs stand out from the crowd. Visitors to your company and your customers will be impressed, right from the parking lot! Go ahead and email us your unique requirements, we will be happy to send you a free Sign Proof & Quote for your Custom No Parking Signs. Signs are available without the Toronto Municiplal Codes also. (No Watermarks on the Shipped Signs )

Traffic Sign Canada, makes CUSTOM & STANDARD SIGNS using .063" thick aluminum panels with rounded corners and long lasting durable Graphics. Further all of our Signs receive a thick layer of UV Resistant and Vandal proof coat of Lamination. Most Custom Signs ship within 2 days of your Order! Don't see the Sign you Need? Please call: 905-274-2727 or email us:

authorized-parking-only-sign with Toronto Municipal codes
TSC-501 - 18" x 24"
TSC-501s - 12" x 18"

Authorized Parking Only
Aluminum Sign
visitor-parking-only-sign-with Toronto Municipal codes
TSC-502 18" x 24"
TSC-502s 12" x 18"

Visitor Parking Only
Aluminum Sign
tenant-parking-only-sign-with Toronto Municipal codes
TSC-503 18" x 24"
TSC-503s 12" x 18"

Tenant Parking Only
Aluminum Sign
customer-parking-only-sign-with Toronto Municipal codes
TSC-504 18" x 24"
TSC-504s 12" x 18"

Customer Parking Only
Aluminum Sign
reserved-parking-only-sign-with Toronto Municipal codes
TSC-505 - 18" x 24"
TSC-505s - 12" x 18"

Reserved Parking Only
Aluminum Sign
no-parking-on driveway-sign-with Toronto Municipal codes
TSC-506 18" x 24"
TSC-506s 12" x 18"

No Parking On Driveway
Aluminum Sign
tenant-and visitor-parking-only-sign-with Toronto Municipal codes
TSC-507 18" x 24"
TSC-507s 12" x 18"

Tenant & Visitor Parking Only
Aluminum Sign
Tenant-and-customer-parking-only-sign-with Toronto Municipal codes
TSC-508 18" x 24"
TSC-508s 12" x 18"

Tenant & Customer Parking Only
Aluminum Sign
immediate-customer-parking-sign-with Toronto Municipal codes
TSC-509 - 18" x 24"
TSC-509s - 12" x 18"

Immediate Customer Parking
Only While on Premises
Aluminum Sign
with Toronto Municipal codes-with Toronto Municipal codes
TSC-510 18" x 24"
TSC-510s 12" x 18"

Visitor Parking Only
While on Premises
Aluminum Sign
Customer-parking-while-on-premises-sign-with Toronto Municipal codes
TSC-511 18" x 24"
TSC-511s 12" x 18"

Customer Parking Only
While on Premises
Aluminum Sign
TSC-512 18" x 24"
TSC-512s 12" x 18"

Warning No Parking
Tow Away Zone
Aluminum Sign
TSC-513 - 18" x 24"
TSC-513s - 12" x 18"

Private Property
In Use 24 Hours
Aluminum Sign
TSC- 514 18" x 24"
TSC-514s 12" x 18"

Private Property
NO Parking Anytime
Aluminum Sign
loading-zone-only-sign-with Toronto Municipal codes
TSC-515 18" x 24"
TSC-515s 12" x 18"

Loading Zone Only
With Toronto Code
Aluminum Sign
TSC-516 18" x 24"
TSC-516s 12" x 18"

Visitor Parking
in Designated Areas
Aluminum Sign
TSC-517s - 12" x 18"
No Parking with Arrows
Aluminum Sign
TSC-518s - 12" x 18"
No Parking
Violators will be Towed
Aluminum Sign
TSC-519s - 12" x 18"
No Parking
Do Not Block Driveway
Aluminum Sign
TSC-520s - 12" x 18"
Resident Parking
Violators will be Towed
Aluminum Sign
TSC-521s - 12" x 18"
Pick Up and Drop 0ff Only
with Arrows Sign
TSC-522s - 12" x 18"
No Parking Loading Zone
with Arrows Sign
TSC-523s - 12" x 18"
No Parking Anytime
with Arrows Sign
TSC-524s - 12" x 18"
No Parking Between
the Signs

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